PVTA Meeting Minutes April 8, 2009

Pemberton Valley Trails Association

Minutes of Regular Meeting April 8, 2009

Location: New Recreation Centre


Jan Naylor, Hu Naylor, Chris Allen, Randy Symons, Nigel Protter, Kevin Phelps, Rod MacLeod, Jesse Ballhassen, Peter Colapinto, Scott Gillis, Christyne DiClomonte, Brad Bethune, Sebastian Wind, Bill Cowan, Rudolf Benes, Celine Forand, John Inglis, Lon Martin, Hillary Downing, Len Hornidge (20 total)

Call to Order: 7:00pm                       Hillary Downing Chaired

New Business:

Minutes from the March 11, 2009 were approved.

Election of Directors: Hillary Downing:        Chair

Lon Martin                  Vice Chair

Hu Naylor                   Treasurer

Chris Allen                  Secretary

JOP Program: funding to be through SLRD to hire forestry workers to build and maintain trails, after discussion directors agreed the PVTA is not organized enough to fully utilize workers at this point; a plan / proposal should be written before applying to the program

Trail maintenance supervisor position: discussion over implementing paid position to oversee trail construction / maintenance, similar to Steward Spooner’s position with the KCTS (Kootney Columbia Trail Society)…Nigel Protter suggested creating the E.D.

Executive Director position:  was roughly defined to be a person to oversee all PVTA activities, with emphasis on funding, public relations, external communications (including website), and organization.  Some reporting structure to directors was to be implemented as well as a job description.  Rod raised the question whether the PVTA constitution allowed an E.D. at all. Motion carried to elect Nigel Protter to Executive Director, 2 month term (?) & $250 spending limit without board’s approval.

Ongoing Business:

Randy Symons presented review of Operations Meeting Mar 17, 2009:

Upgrades to: Chain Lakes / Birkenhead: $5K to be spent on clearing out old trail,

Phd. Trail & Swede Trail / Rutherford Cr: $5K to be split between both

Nimby / Mckenzie: $5K allocated to finishing Nimby trail up to Overnight trailhead (roughly): motion carried to spend $15K on all work listed above

Contracts for all trail work listed above still has to be finalized, Nigel Protter raised issue of having WCB account for trail workers and individuals working alone…also some form of contract between workers and PVTA to establish employer/employee relationship.

Trail Clean Up Day – Sat April 18th – Pancake Breakfast at the Bike Co.

Bike Park – no progress to report, due to VOP lack of commitment on land and without clear direction Jay Hoots (bike park designer) is now not available to work on the Pemberton bike park this summer

Hwy 99 – 2 property owners now do not want to grant access through their properties

One Mile Park – upgrading multi-use trail around One Mile Lake is going ahead, construction to start May?

John Inglis is organizing the Twoonie races, first to be held April 19, 2009.

Treasurer’s Report: PVTA bank account sits roughly at $28K

Correspondence: ??

Adjournment: 8:30pm

Next meeting to be May 13th, 2009


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