PVTA Meeting Minutes May 15, 2009

Pemberton Valley Trails Association

Minutes of Regular Meeting May 13, 2009
Location: New Recreation Centre 


Jan Naylor, Hu Naylor, Chris Allen, Kevin Phelps, Sebastian Wild, Celine Forand, Lon Martin, Hillary Downing, Duncan MacKenzie, Daniel Cindric, John Chilton.

Call to Order: 7:00pm Hillary Downing Chaired

New Business:

Minutes from the April 8, 2009 were accepted with amendments.

Presentation on Kootney Columbia Trail Society (KCTS): presented by Tracy Napier and Lee Ann Patterson
– outlined Stewart Spooner’s responsibilities: diplomacy large part of job, to implement the “big picture”, negotiate relevant matters with various levels of gov’t, work with developers to minimize trail loss, attend conferences, manage work crew, some fundraising, developed master plan to establish trails legally and negotiate with landowners for right of ways, overall job is 50% “office” work, 50% trail work

– WCB insurance provided by KCTS for paid employees (trail crew), payroll handled by accounting firm, KCTS feels it is better to have employees opposed to contractors, results in more trail work done, downside is more management for the Board of Directors
– hiring of employees carried out by KCTS HR committee

– KCTS approximate annual budget $100,000
Last year funds received from : $65,000 from Regional District
$35,000 discretionary spending ???
$10,000 Teck Cominco
$30,000 Red Mountain project
$?,000 Pine Beetle Kill fund

-KCTS website was somewhat popular, Stu’s Blog was most visited
-KCTS maintains multiuse trails, still horse / mountain bike conflict, KCTS built and marked some separate trails for each to minimize some conflict traffic
-follows IMBA standards for trail building and maintenance

Ongoing Business:

There is a new Riverside Trail extension

Fence built along Dyke (Kim’s), still more needs to be built

Nimby: is coming along

Mosquito Lake: some trails still have large blown down trees to be cleared

Jim Jam: malicious destruction / cutting of bridges on trail

Valley Trail: ALC would like to see more fencing all the way to Airport Rd, along
Sturdy’s, Perkins, P. Valley lodge to Kim’s…. PVTA generally feels there should be no more effort put into fencing until a trail is established.

Bike Park is on hold for now. The money donated by Pemberton Festival should go back?
Lon suggested a pump track be built on bike park site.

Suggested that Civic Trails Day become one in the same as the Spring Clean Up day

Urdal Rd. path to CN Railway bridge #’s : over 3 week period path was accessed 2700 times, maybe develop a Right of Way along bridge?

One Mile Lake trail is proceeding

Upgrades to:
Chain Lakes / Birkenhead: $5000 to be spent on clearing out old trail by Johnny Foon
Lon M. proposed to award contract to Johnny, Jan 2nd , Motion carried.

Phd. Trail & Swede Trail / Rutherford Cr: $5000 to be split between PVTA and WORCA?

Nimby / Mckenzie: $2500 allocated to finishing Nimby trail up to Overnight trailhead?

Treasurer’s Report:

PVTA bank account sits roughly at $27,490
Nigel Protter has an outstanding bill


Adjournment: 9:00pm

Chris Allen


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