PVTA Meeting Minutes June 10, 2009

Pemberton Valley Trails Association
Minutes of Regular Meeting June 10, 2009
Location: New Recreation Centre


Jan Naylor, Hu Naylor, Chris Allen, Kevin Phelps, Celine Forand, Hillary Downing, Kevin Rehill, Corinne Orava, Ted Craddock, Nigel Protter, Jordan Sturdy, Karen Davies, Randy Symons, Lon Martin, Rudolf Benes

Call to Order: 7:00pm Hillary Downing Chaired

New Business:

Minutes from the May 13, 2009 were accepted with amendments.

PVTA 2009 Strategic Plan was presented by Nigel Protter

Details of the Executive Director’s position was started to be discussed but since the E.D. was present a new meeting was schedule to discuss both with and without the E.D. To be in attendance was Kevin Phelps, Hu Naylor, Lon Martin, Hillary Downing, Rudolf Benes

PVUS funding is to be applied for in the Fall, it is possible that the E.D.s position might negatively affect amount of money granted as PVUS wants money spent on trail construction/maintenance not administration.

PVTA should push provincial gov’t for off road vehicle licensing

Ongoing Business:

Nimby: now 100% ridable – T2R donated 2.5 days with 3 guys to help finish trail

PHD: Seb Wild is owed 20 hrs @ $30/hr for work done to trail, unclear whether he will finish $2500 contract on trail or might help with MOTH project

Bike Park / Pump Track:

VOP and PVUS paid for fuel to move preload and dirt for pump track and skate park (not structural so it will have to be moved off site, dirt probably will be used for bike park)

Some concerns raised: was insurance needed? / signage (and who should pay, helmets, emergency contact #) / garbage cans need to be installed / clearly defined entrance and exit (fencing possibly?) / sprinkler system to keep down dust / does the park have to be built by “qualified” people

Still unclear weather land use (and clearly defined boundaries) is approved by Council

Bathtub Trail: about 30 trees were cut along trail apparently to improve ATV access

Chain Lakes / Birkenhead: Chain Lakes trail is cleared out, no work has been done from the Lakes down to Birkenhead FSR

PVTA has 147 current members

Treasurer’s Report: PVTA bank account sits roughly at $25,914


Adjournment: 8:30pm

Chris Allen

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