PVTA Meeting Minutes September 9, 2009

Pemberton Valley Trails Association
Minutes of Regular Meeting September 9, 2009
Location: New Recreation Centre


Chris Allen, Kevin Phelps, Lon Martin, Hillary Downing, Rudolf Benes, Nigel Protter, Jordan Sturdy, Sandy Ryan

Call to Order: 7:30pm Hillary Downing Chaired

New Business:

Minutes from the June 10, 2009 were accepted.

Presentation about One Mile Lake Trail Upgrade by Sandy Ryan
Goal is to widen, make trail wheel chair accessible, and put a bridge across Pemberton Creek
Rotary Club donated $10,000
Pemberton Festival donated $10,000
Village contributed $80,000 including matched grants
Construction and bridge work to begin in 1 week.
One Mile Lake needs increased flow out due to beaver dams: this is also going to require a long term plan

Presentation about 99 Trail by Jordan Sturdy
2 of 5 Right of Way agreements made with landowners
SLRD is developing policy on acquiring right on ways – PVTA should give some input into forming policy
A survey is being conducted, some discussion if trail can be built on MOT land beside road and not on private land
Grants: $60,000 from Gas Tax
$60,000 from Local Motion
(will money be lost if not used?)

Ongoing Business:

PVTA financials (provided by Nigel Protter) were reviewed, should finish the year with approx. $15,000: major expenses since last meeting were insurance, bursary, and setting up an account with W.A. Janyk,

MOTH: financials reviewed, grants should come in on time but if not some concern about cash flow, money allocated to PhD and Chain Lakes Trail to be rolled into MOTH project, work still to be done on these trails
Trail Status:
Big Nimby: 90% done
Let it Go: 90% done
Cell Tower to Reflector: 90% done
Reflector to high point on ridge: flagged, roughed in, and Lil’Wat approved
Gate on road up to Cell tower to be locked Oct 1- May 1

New paraglide launch site: started, needs commercial tenure: application has been submitted

Board agreed to purchase plaque and install it on Happy Trail for the Marc Antoine Memorial.

MacKenzie Cruise needs work

PVTA website will be back up and ready for MOTH launch party

MOTH launch party to be held September 27

Bike Park: Jumps and BMX track to be built late September / early October

Treasurer’s Report: treasurer not present

Adjournment: 9:00pm

Chris Allen

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