PVTA Meeting Minutes October 14, 2009

Pemberton Valley Trails Association
Minutes of Regular Meeting October 14, 2009
Location: New Recreation Centre


Chris Allen, Kevin Phelps, Lon Martin, Hillary Downing, Rudolf Benes, Nigel Protter, Judy Stockton, Rick Peel, Corinne Orava, Jan & Hu Naylor, Allison Macdonald, Randy Symons, Linda Guanti

Call to Order: 7:10pm Hillary Downing Chaired

New Business:

Minutes from the September 9, 2009 meeting were accepted.

Community Trails Update:
99 Trail: no further along, grant for trail expires March 2011, a survey is being conducted

One Mile Trail: Rotary has it under control, project near completion and looks good, however it is raised that trail was not designed or built with horses in mind

Bike Park: suggested that remaining committed PVTA funds go to new Skate Park society for Bike park use

Ticket 2 Ride Tenure Application:
Nigel Protter is in support of application; some residents of Reid Road area & members of PVTA are concerned about increased trail use, road use, parking, & T2R overall responsibility in the area.
PVTA suggestions: T2R must join local trail associations
Yearly review of trail use by T2R
1 yr tenure not 30 yr
Tenure not exclusive or transferable

Ongoing Business:

PVTA financials: cash currently in account is $3,367 and Nigel Protter is owed $9,460 however PVTA is waiting on $30,000 from NTC
PVTA should put together a letter requesting annual funding, not funding to be applied for each year…. funding for 2010 PVTA must have application into the SLRD by late Oct, early Nov. money to be released to PVTA after March 31, 2010

MOTH: On time and on budget. $85,000 spent to date: $56,300 actually raised – PVTA decided to put in $3,700 to max out matching fund to $60,000.

New Launch: completed. West Coast Soaring Club has received tenure and will maintain road to new launch.

All trails in the MOTH project are substantially done – Exec. Director to ask NTC to release last amount of funds (except 5% hold back)

Regional District Trails Master Plan: PVTA is requested to comment by Nov. 6: Hu Naylor has read over it and supports the plan.

VOP has requested PVTA to comment on new development in front of Harrow Rd. PVTA to ask for trail/sidewalk access to Arn Canal

Treasurer’s Report:

Adjournment: 9:00pm

Chris Allen

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