PVTA Meeting Minutes January 13, 2010

Pemberton Valley Trails Association
Minutes of Regular Meeting January 13, 2010
Location: New Recreation Centre


Chris Allen, Nigel Protter, Jan & Hu Naylor, Celine Forand, Mike Crapper, Tobias Pantling, Wes Norton, Rudolf Benes, Kevin Phelps, Hillary Downing.

Call to Order: 7:05pm Hillary Downing Chaired

New Business:

There was no meeting in December, 2009.

Sea to Sky Trail Presentation by Gordon McKeever seatoskytrail.ca

Sea to Sky Trail organization is looking to the PVTA for input as to proposed route to and through Pemberton.

The Sea to Sky Trail short term goal is to connect Squamish to Pemberton, long term Horseshoe Bay to Lillooet.

Trail has considerable community value: promotes sustainability, public health, human transport, connects residents with environment, links communities, serves as economic driver in outdoor recreation. Trail Description: 1.5m wide, multi-use (non motorized), optimized for mountain bikes, crushed gravel base, contoured into terrain.

Squamish to Whistler section is mostly complete and has Sec. 56 approval and
trail through Whistler is under construction. The focus is now Whistler to Pemberton section (although first priority would be Mt. Currie to Village of Pemberton “Friendship Trail).

Proposed route from Whistler would pass by Green Lake on east side through to the Twin Rivers gravel pit, past Pemberton Speedway and connect to Soo River trails, onto Nairn Falls and One Mile Lake trails.
Friendship Trails would roughly run from Mt. Currie band to the Industrial Park, along CN railway and then somehow to the VOP.

Ongoing Business:

McLeod’s Grazing Permit (on top of the dyke) was denied, however cattle may graze on slope of dyke and a fence must be constructed on the top of the dyke, to be paid for by the PVTA.

Executive Directors Report:

Pemberton World Mountain Sports Festival: is proposed for May 21-29, on and around the new Para Launch site. It was discussed and generally thought to be detrimental to the area. Motion Proposed by Chris Allen that “The PVTA does not support the Pemberton World Mountain Sport Festival as proposed.” The motion was carried.

PVTA’s new website is almost ready: will have complete map of trails (through Google Earth)http://www.pembertontrails.com/

Treasurer’s Report:

Year End Financials not yet complete (handled by W.A. Janyk)
Bank account currently at about $1000
SLRD Funding: Still no firm agreement with SLRD for annual funding. VOP would like the PVTA to receive more funding.
Possibility was raised that PVTA could be contracted to carry out trail work and/or be the delegated trail authority.

Adjournment: 9:10pm

Chris Allen

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