PVTA Meeting Minutes February 10, 2010

Pemberton Valley Trails Association

Minutes of Regular Meeting February 10, 2010

Location: Cottonwood Recreation Centre



Chris Allen, Jan & Hu Naylor, Celine Forand, Hillary Downing, Jordan Sturdy, Randy Symons

Call to Order: 7:10 pm                      Hillary Downing Chaired

Minutes from the January 13, 2010 meeting were accepted.

New Business:

Resignation of Executive Director

Nigel Protter has resigned from Executive Director’s position.

-letter to be written thanking Nigel for his hard work

-perhaps give Nigel a tax receipt for some of unpaid/volunteer work

-Secretary to take over website updates and duties

Moving forward does the PVTA want to hire another E.D. or not, perhaps hire more of a trail manager (seasonal position)

Ongoing Business:

HWY 99 Trail: Still no further along, Right of Way required from 4 land owners.

Should PVTA put in a proposal to construct trail?  PVTA doesn’t have the expertise or manpower to undertake such a project.  Public works better suited to the job (or) Sabre has quoted project to be worth about $100K.

PVTA Funding:  PVTA needs to formally request funding from SLRD and PVUS and have a clear plan how the money will be spent.  PVUS & SLRD does not want see money spent on administration (ie. The E.D. position)

Upcoming AGM:  Mar 10, 2010 Items to be discussed:

-could possibly change monthly meeting date

-new directors: positions open

-trail user priorities around Sunstone Ridge development.

Sunstone Ridge Development:  has requested input from the PVTA.  It is in the PVTA & community’s interest to be involved from the beginning.  Should PVTA support the possible trade of gravel pit wetland for the Fulton Property?  PVTA has a “no net trail loss” policy: any loss of trails should be replaced either with a re-route or trails off site, such as MacKenzie Basin or Signal Hill.  Could we ask the Sunstone Group to not allow motorized access to trails on private property?


-should we raise the membership cost from $10 to $20 for 2011?

-do we need the member’s address on the membership form?

-do we need the member’s signature on the membership form?

Pemberton Trail Map:  Revised map needed soon with new trails added, perhaps contract Nigel Protter to layout new map.  Instead of selling the PVTA map, maybe give out free?  Print on large 11” x 17” sheets and distribute through bike store, information centre, etc… maybe sell advertising to local businesses around map border next year.


Treasurer’s Report:

$1400 in bank account & $1900 due to PVTA from GST/WCB rebate

PVTA has a $29,000 loss from Jan 1, 2009.

Did the PVTA receive the 5% hold back from NTC funding last fall?


Letter from Outdoor Rec. Council: because the NTC gave priority to motorized trails, trail groups might not want to accept money from the NTC.  ie. Trails BC opposes NTC funding for trails.

Email from ORC: invitation to seminar concerning resolving trails issues at BCIT Oct 15, 2010.

Adjournment: 9:05pm


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