PVTA Meeting Minutes March 10, 2010

Pemberton Valley Trails Association

Minutes of Regular Meeting March 10, 2010

Location: Cottonwood Recreation Centre


Chris Allen, Jan & Hu Naylor, Celine Forand, Hillary Downing, Nigel Protter, Rudy Benes, Kevin Phelps, Lon Martin, John Inglis, Jeff Shore, Dustin Gordon, Rena Warden, Russ Wood, Alan Mc Ewan, Jason Wint, Clemens Machilek, Peter Scholz, Sebastian Wild, Terry Evans, Ian Kruger, Paula Robertson.

Call to Order: 7:40 pm                      Hillary Downing Chaired

Minutes from the February 10, 2010 meeting were accepted.

New Business:

Satsport GPS Canada: Dave Heighway has proposed a partnership with the PVTA to generate revenue with the PVTA GPS tracks and mapping of local trails.  Nigel Protter noted that he claims ownership of some of the PVTA mapping.  It was decided that more information is required from Satsport regarding their proposal before PVTA could consider making a decision.

New Trails to be built in 2010: Possible trails discussed: Spetch Creek alpine access trail, Mt. Currey Gravel Creek trail, bridge over Lilooet River, Waterfall trail, PhD alpine trail, finish Chain Lakes trail, Big Nimby to Owl Lake trail, Gravatrout (less radical Gravatron)  > PVTA decided that the completion of the MOTH trails should be a priority this summer and John Chilton is to put together a budget plan to be presented to PVUS for funding.

Nimby 50 Race: to be held on May 29 on the Nimby Trail and Mosquito Lake trails.  Capped at 200 riders, PVTA suggested to Russ Wood (organizer) that Cycling BC was the appropriate body to insure the race.  PVTA board was supportive of the race so long as the any damage/litter/race signs were removed or repaired after the race.


Ongoing Business:

Sunstone Ridge Development:  prime concern was keeping Cream Puff and Grumpy Grouse as intact as possible.  More “blue/intermediate” trails should be built to replace lost trail within the development. Subgroup organised to prioritize trails within the development to consist of: Sebastian Wild, Chris Allen, Lon Martin.

Trail Maintenance Day:  Decided to be April 17, 2010. To be determined who is organizing food, trail work, newspaper ads, signage….

Treasurer’s Report:

$6000 hold back from NTC has not been received yet.

-$235 in bank account

PVTA received a $10,000 grant from PVUS for trail maintenance; however PVTA needs to submit a formal budget and account more clearly how the money is spent.

In the PVUS trail budget there is $50,000 available for trail services, PVTA should put together a proposal to access some of these funds.


ORC: There will be no NTC funding in 2010.

The board decided to renew our Trails BC membership @ $100 per year.  The Trails BC AGM is April 16, 2010.

Adjournment: 9:10 pm


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