PVTA Meeting Minutes April 14, 2010

Pemberton Valley Trails Association

Minutes of Regular Meeting April 14, 2010

Location: Cottonwood Recreation Centre


Chris Allen, Hu Naylor, Celine Forand, Hillary Downing, Rudy Benes, Kevin Phelps, Lon Martin, John Inglis, Sebastian Wild, Ian Kruger, Stephen Desjardins, Randy Symons, Mark Woudwyk

Call to Order: 7:05 pm                      Hillary Downing Chaired

Minutes from the March 10, 2010 meeting were accepted.

New Business:

Election of Officers

Chair – Kevin Phelps

Vice Chair – Lon Martin

Treasurer – Hu Naylor

Secretary – Chris Allen

Membership – Celine Forand

Trail Maintenance Day April 17

Nigel Protter to supply pancakes and bacon

Chris Allen to arrange BBQ and tables

Trials Motor Bikes:

PVTA should look at including trials motor bikes in it trail use due to their low impact

PVTA could look at identifying a trial bike area and designating trails for trial bike use and making some trails directional (up for trials bikes, down for MTB bikes, up and down for hikers)

Ongoing Business:

HWY99 Trail:

MOT has given its support to build the trail on their ROW if trail is built to Highway Specifications.  Sabre has put in a rough quote to build trail for $110,000.

2010 Proposed Trail Work& Budget:

Jack and Joan’s Trail (formerly Titties and Beer): $2,000 to be spent on access to trail

Gravatron Connector: $4,000 to build new trail

MOTH connector: $20,000 to finish trail from cell tower reflector to Owl Creek FSR

PHD Alpine Access: $5,000 to clear out old alpine access trail

Hu Naylor put forth a motion to support John Chilton’s trail work proposal, sec’d by John I, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

$10,000 grant was received from PVUS from their previous meeting

Misc. costs incurred as of last meeting: $450 directors insurance, $160 post office fees, $50 Pemberton Chamber of Commerce membership

April 11, 2010 funding request to PVUS was not granted for two reasons 1) PVUS council wanted more details and a report from Staff and 2) trails to be maintained and built were technically outside of the jurisdiction of PVUS

PVUS councils suggestion was that PVTA petition the regional directors for funding


Letter from Ministry of Forest and Range: they will be actively patrolling regional FSRs and wilderness recreation areas this summer for unlawful use of motorized vehicles.

Adjournment: 8:45 pm


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