PVTA Meeting Minutes February 8, 2012

Pemberton Valley Trails Association

Minutes of Regular Meeting February 8, 2012

Location: Cottonwood Recreation Centre



Chris Allen, Hillary Downing, Rudy Benes, Peter Colapinto, Nigel Protter, Seb Wilde, Ian Kruger, Stephan Desjardin, Allison Macdonald, Jim Orava.

Call to Order: 7:00 pm                      Chris Allen Chaired


New Business:

2012 Trail Work

– with local governments financial support the Mt. Currie trail is moving ahead

– it will be decided in the next few months what the Summer maintenance projects should be and those projects should be put out to tender (NIMBY, Lumpy’s, Chain Lakes/Trapper’s Descent….)

– the PWA will be undertaking some trail enhancements in the Tenquille Lake area – it was decided that the PVTA should aid the PWA in this area either through a donation or through an organized volunteer day


NIMBY 50 Race

– some Directors feel that more than $1000 should be donated to the PVTA from the race

– a $5-$10 per rider fee was suggested and will be proposed to the organizers


Ongoing Business:

2012 PVTA Funding: 

The PVTA has been granted the following funding:

$20,000 Core Funding

$5,000 for a Blue Trail in the MacKenzie area

$20,000 for the Mt.Currie Trail – this amount to be held in reserve until the PVTA has sufficient matching funds


Attached to the funding is a report to be submitted and presented to the SLRD on how the public money was spent over the year.

2012 Spring Trail Day – it was suggested that the focus should be on the trail Overnight Sensation in memory of Duncan MacKenzie.

The Trails BC AGM will be held in Pemberton on April 28, 2012 – the Board has already pledged its support of this event.


Presentation by Nigel Protter and Jim Orava

Due to Pemberton being awarded the host of 2012 Canadian National Paragliding Championships (August 5-12), Nigel Protter and Jim Orava requested the PVTA’s support to help rebuild the Mackenzie Basin FSR.  The request was that the PVTA would apply for a GasTax grant in the order of $100,000 from the BC Provincial government.  As this road is a main access route and would help support non-motorized use of the area, the Directors felt this was within our mandate and agreed to help.


Treasurer’s Report:

Currently approx. $1900 in the bank account




Adjournment:  8:30 pm

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  1. Dalal April 27, 2012 9:16 am

    Thanks to all you Trail Saints! You’ve made every ride lately full of wornudfel new surprises. Night Rider and Blood Sweat and Fear are so sweet now with the mini berms, hips and hits all over the place, and Radio Tower is flowing like warm butter! Apr. 14 2011

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