PVTA AGM minutes March 14, 2012

Pemberton Valley Trails Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting March 14, 2012

Location: Cottonwood Recreation Centre


Chris Allen, John Inglis, , Peter Colapinto, Hu Naylor, Jan Naylor, Seb Wild, Ian Kruger, Stephan Desjardins, Allison Macdonald, Peter Armory, Corrine Stoltz, Linda Guanti, Brigit Sirota-Goldammer, Lauren Sampson, Dave Kelly, Mike Rothdram, Jeff Westlake, Ed Witwicki, Aron Griffiths.


Call to Order: 7:00 pm                      Chris Allen Chaired


Election of Directors:

Chris Allen                                                      returning                      Secretary

John Inglis                                                       returning

Hu Naylor                                                       returning

Brigit Sirota-Goldammer                                returning

Peter Colapinto                                               elected                         Treasurer

Corrine Stoltz                                                  elected

Ian Kruger                                                       elected

Rudy Benes                                                    returning

Hillary Downing                                             returning

Stephan Desjardins                                         elected

Allison Macdonald                                         elected


The Chairperson position is to be decided at the next monthly meeting.

Note: Directors are elected to the Board for 2 years.


Treasurer’s Report:

Currently approx. $2209 in the bank account & $800 in expenses due.


Adjournment:  7:30 pm

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