PVTA Meeting Minutes March 14, 2012

Pemberton Valley Trails Association

Minutes of Regular Meeting March 14, 2012

Location: Cottonwood Recreation Centre


Chris Allen, John Inglis, , Peter Colapinto, Hu Naylor, Jan Naylor, Seb Wild, Ian Kruger, Stephan Desjardin, Allison Macdonald, Peter Armory, Corrine Stoltz, Linda Guanti, Brigit Sirota-Goldammer, Lauren Sampson, Dave Kelly, Mike Rothdram, Jeff Westlake, Ed Witwicki, Aron Griffiths.

Call to Order: 7:30 pm                      Chris Allen Chaired

February 8th Meeting Minutes were approved.


New Business:

CN rail police will be out on Easter weekend enforcing the crossing of the Lillooet River Bridge.

Trail signs around One Mile – suggested that they be installed on the Spring Trail Day.

SLRD report by Allison Macdonald – the Sea to Sky Trail is completed from One Mile through to Nairn Falls campground.  No major work this summer in the Pemberton area – the focus next year will be to link Whistler and Pemberton.

Mt. Currie Trail report by John Chilton – the Section 57 application ongoing: once application is submitted it can take 30-45 days to get approval, John Chilton has begun reviewing the trail with the Lil’wat Band, the PWA is not in complete support of the trail due to impacting the wildlife in the area such as mountain sheep and grizzly bears.

If the PVTA cannot raise all of the funds for the complete trail this summer it was discussed and agreed that the trail should be started and be completed next summer.

2012 Summer Fundraiser – date proposed: June 23, 2012

Ongoing Business:

Spring Trail Day:

– scheduled for April 21, 2012

– Nigel Protter has been volunteered to arrange the food for breakfast (to be confirmed)

– NIMBY/Overnight and One Mile area to be the focus of the trail day (to be confirmed)

2012 Trail Work: (the member’s suggestion list)

– Waco Connector (repair water damage)

– Radio Tower Bridge (replace)

– Mosquito Lake area

– remove the wood structures at the entrance to Bob Gnarly

– middle/end of NIMBY (smoothen trail, fix some switchbacks)

– Blood Sweat and Fear (repair water damage)

– Lumpy’s (clear out washed out rock sections)

– Chain Lake trail (more bridges over wet areas)

– Skelula7 (improve)

– Lower MacKenzie Cruise (reroute bottom to make it easier/Blue)

– MacKenzie Cruise (Ticket2Ride to continue to improve exit)

– Wild Bill (finish new entrance/clear out road)

– Tour de Soo (create loop with Sea to Sky Trail)


Treasurer’s Report:

From the AGM: Currently approx. $2209 in the bank account & $800 in expenses due.



Letter from Trevor May: Re: trailforks.com.

He would like to use the PVTA’s GPS tracks to build and online community revolving around mountain bike trails.  It was discussed with the members and the board and while we do not oppose this the PVTA does not own the GPS tracks used to create the PVTA Trail Map.  Brigit Sirota-Goldammer will contact him about this.

Adjournment:  8:30 pm

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