PVTA Meeting Minutes May 9, 2012

Pemberton Valley Trails Association

Minutes of Regular Meeting May 9, 2012

Location: Cottonwood Recreation Centre



Chris Allen, Peter Colapinto, Ian Kruger, Stephan Desjardins, Hillary Downing, Allison Macdonald, Rudy Benes, Johnny Chilton, Johnny Inglis


Call to Order: 7:00 pm                      Chris Allen Chaired

April 14th Meeting Minutes were approved.


New Business:

Stephan Desjardins was elected to be the Chairperson

Rudy Benes was elected to be the Membership Director.


Ongoing Business:

Summer Fundraiser:

scheduled for June 23, 2012


Tasks –             schedule Great Hall – ??

Raffle/Silent Auction – Rudy and Chris

Beer – Johnny Inglis

Slide Show – Pat Mulroney ?? (confirm)

DJ – ask JJ – Chris

Membership table – Stephan/Rudy

T-Shirts/hats – new design for 2012 – Johnny Inglis


Late Spring Trail Day:

– scheduled for June 23, 2012

– simple trail day – no food to be provided

– Trails to be worked on: TBA

Mt. Currie Trail:

Still waiting on the Section 57 approval and the status of the grants (both MEC and WB Foundation)

Before commencing building trail we need to confirm the future of the bridge crossing the Green River.

One Mile Trail signs:

– need a map of where trail signs should be placed

– need approx.  20 posts to mount signs

– if the signs are not up by June 23, then they should be installed on the next Trail Day


Summer Trail Maintenance:

Johnny Chilton reported that the trail improvement to the Nimby Trail should be completed by the Nimby 50 race.

Lower Mackenzie is the next RFP to be issued to brush out and reroute fall line sections to make this descent easier.  Chris and Stephan will walk trail to decide on scope of work.

A suggestion for the next contract is the Tour de Soo/Sea to Sky loop.  ** This should be investigated further. **


Treasurer’s Report:

The PVTA has not received the Core Funding from the SLRD – bank account balance ~ $2000.



ORC of BC requested that the PVTA become a member for 2012 – the PVTA declined.

Adjournment:  8:30 pm

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