PVTA Meeting Minutes September 13, 2012

Pemberton Valley Trails Association

Minutes of Regular Meeting September 13, 2012

Location: Cottonwood Recreation Centre



Chris Allen, Peter Colapinto, Ian Kruger, Stephan Desjardins, Hillary Downing, Allison Macdonald, Rudy Benes, Johnny Chilton, Jan and Hu Naylor, Peter Schrantz, Ted Craddock, Phil Hey.


Call to Order: 7:20 pm                      Chris Allen Chaired


New Business:

Pemberton Ski Tour Area:

Phil (??) would like the PVTA to support and provide comments on his idea of building a defined sub alpine ski touring around Pemberton – similar to the Hankin-Evelyn ski area in Smithers, BC.  It would focus on below treeline, cut ski runs to be used on higher risk days and for more intermediate skiers.  The Duffey Lake Rd area is the most probable area to build.  The PVTA is supportive of the idea.


Ongoing Business:

Mt. Currie Trail:

PVTA received the Section 57 approval to build the trail on September 7, 2012.  It was decided that we should begin to build the trail even though we have received no guaranty of the bridge’s future.


Trail work is to commence once the flagged line has been walked by a representative of the Lil’wat band.  John Chilton expects to get 2-3km completed to a Type 4 wilderness route by the end of the year at a cost of approximately $12,000.  Ted Craddock suggested that we hold back 10% of the available funds as a reserve should be need to build a new bridge.


Current Funds available to Mt. Currie trail:

$10,000 from M.E.C. ($5000 received)

$10,000 from S.L.R.D.

$10,000 matching funds from PVTA


A motion was proposed and passed that trail contract under $5000 do not have to go through a formal RFP process.


Summer Trail Maintenance:


Lower Mackenzie RFP:  The trail contact was completed in early August.  Of 4 goals in the contract 3 were completed satisfactorily: brushing out top section, rock armouring a rooted section, & 1st reroute. The second reroute was considered to be too rough, it deviated significantly from the flagged line, and lacked a completed feel.

Lessons learned from this RFP:  more oversight is required when building new trail, very clear instructions and flag line to be given, more contractors should be consulted (if possible).  It was decided that perhaps JJ Desormeaux could finish working on last reroute as trail contract.


Blue Zone trail: after a discussion it was decided that the PVTA should formally apply for a Section 57 before proceeding with the trail.  The other option that was discussed was rerouting Upper MacKenzie Cruise but this was deemed to be a too steep of trail even with re-routing several challenging sections.


Treasurer’s Report:



Adjournment:  8:30 pm

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