Mt. Currie Trail Update & Temporary Trail Closure

Mt. Currie Trail Update


With winter just around the corner the PVTA is happy to announce that the Mt. Currie Trail is complete enough to hike it to a lookout point about 5 km from the trail head above the Green River Motocross track. The trail starts 3.5 km from Hwy 99. The access to the trail head is up a forest service road that can be driven up to the 2 km mark in a 2 wheel drive vehicle. From the bridge across the Green River a 4 wheel drive vehicle is required.

The trail is easily navigable up to about the 4 km mark (1 km from the lookout viewing down into the Pemberton Valley) and then the trail is only rough cleared and marked with flagging tape.  The trail will be completed next summer with the trail continuing past the lookout into the alpine.  Anyone venturing beyond the lookout this year should use extreme caution.  The terrain is currently under snow, contains many small cliffs, and navigating back down to the lookout is difficult from the alpine area.  Hiking past the lookout is not suggested until next summer.

It takes approximately 3-4 hours of hiking to reach the lookout and another 2-3 hrs to return to the trail head.

This Saturday the PVTA will be hosting a trail day and meeting at the Green River Motocross track. See the details here.

Temporary Trail Closure  !! IMPORTANT !!

Starting this week and continuing into November there will be a heli-logging operation in the immediate area of the trail. Due to the proximity of the logging, the trail will be closed for approximately 3 weeks.  Should you wish to hike it, there will be no logging operations in the area on Saturday October 19.



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