May 13, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Present: Billy Stiles, Pete Colapinto, Karen Love, Hugh & Jan Naylor, Corinne Stoltz, Brenda Williams, Barb Eslake, Emily Slaco

–          May 23rd Fundraiser final details:

  • CC capability set up – Karen (2.75% fee, ok)
  • 75 Tickets at bike co. $10 advance or $15 at door (double check on head count/capacity at the Legion – Ed)
  • Coffee at Legion – Ed?
  • 6pm be at Legion to set up / 7:30 start
  • Food – veggie platters  (Grocery store to sponsor? or just purchase?) volunteer – Pete
  • 50/50 draw and Raffle Tickets – Hugh & Pete to double check if they have any, Ian?
  • Scotia Bank details – Karen – will follow up to know # of volunteers coming from Scotia
  • Signs – Billy has logos all on the signs to go up

–          Donation List sample, more to come:

  • Kula Wellness
  • Blackbird
  • Mt. Currie Coffe
  • Laughing Crow Organics
  • Mile 1
  • Pemby coffee co
  • Fanatyko
  • Pemby Distillery
  • Bike Co
  • Recreational Tandem Paraglide flight
  • WB
  • Tyax Adventures
  • Chromag
  • Big Sky
  • Sylvie Allen – Sweet Skills
  • Nicole Heisterman – Bike fit

–          Membership details from Ed – still to come

  • All emails from Enduro added to Newsletter database

–          Summer Meeting hiatus – July/Aug off

–          Website updates?  What do we want to see?

  • FB feed  – Em
  • Meeting minutes – Em
  • Blog posts – Karen

–          Alternate places to sell trail maps (Currently at: Bike Co, Pemby Lodge, MEC North Van, Armchair, Tourist Centre)

  • Petro Can (Pete to get letter to Brenda), Grocery Store, Gen Store (Brenda)

–          ’BackCountry Horsemen of BC, Pemberton Chapter’’ Set up (Corinne)

  • Signage on Mosquito Lake uphill route – can’t be updated through HCBC as it’s on Private land
    • Sub-committee, to meet about private property etc. and finalizing route details
  • Working on 4 trails (bobs loop, green river loop, valley river loop, mosquito lake – will have special signs for those trails)
  • 2 special Multi – user trail signs coming (paid for by Alison at SLRD) – one to go at Hugh’s trail and second?
  • 2 projects for the year to come, long term
    • open crossing near tour de soo, just above CN train bridge
    • Signal Hill loop for beginner/intermediate riders

–           2016 new maps probably, will update with new trails and horse specific routes

–          Billy to get signs for Cloud Base 9 trail to Karen for Nigel to put up

–          Email list should just be the directors

Trail Stuff

–          Plan for completion of the Mt Currie trail – Chris (No update yet)

–          ‘’Log and Rock’’, we cut all the main collapsed trees in the entrance of it (powerline side) but the section under the powerline is still very messy.  (Corinne) – to follow up with Ian/Ed about adding to trail work projects

–          Garbage being dumped on the FSR behind Mosquito Lake – please keep eyes open for anyone dumping

  • Sign for no dumping garbage – Corinne to ask Allison at SLRD

–          New Green Trail (Brenda)  *see comment from Ian below Re: green trail in one mile area

Project Updates:

–          Enduro went well, we netted about $3000 from the event and gained approximately 70-80 new members.  Was thinking that $$ would be well spent on the Backpains extension that we already have approval for but no real hurry to decide (Ed agrees)

–          Memorial trail names have been submitted to Rudy’s family, waiting to hear back from them.  We have some $$ left in that fund so we can make a nice sign/plaque once they have chosen a name – Ian

–          Waterfall trail has seen some work by Pat.  He is injured so Seb Kemp and Zander are going to step in and continue to work on that project.  Boyd’s kids from PSS may put in some time on the trail as well.  I need to work with Bill to get some signage.

–          Seb Kemp has a hurt back right now but he continues to do great work around the network.  Lots of brushing recently.

–          Dan Raymond is essentially done on Upper Mackenzie, I think he has about 8 hours remaining.  He plans to make the bridge at the bottom a little more user friendly. – All done

–          Lynne Armstrong has put together her women’s event, Air Maiden, for June 13th.  She has some nice flyers up around town.  I’m hoping she is successful so if you know anyone keen encourage them to sign up.

–          I received approval from the Village to build a green trail that will connect Lumpy’s (or Nairn to One Mile) to the new kids trail.  Idea is that we create a progression of loops that new riders can utilize as their skills improve.  There is a fair amount of interest from parents in town so I am hoping to have this be a completely volunteer build.  The trail will also create another easy hiker-friendly loop close to the lake. – Ian

  • Hugh & Ian (and anyone else interested) to walk around the area and identify potential routes

–          Adam is working on Jim Jam now I think he has a couple of days left then that is it for his budget.  All done. – From Ed

–          There’s a tree down on Shama Lama that will need a chainsaw.

–          Also when our trail builders are rerouting new sections we should let them know to be cautious about blocking off the old routes, as we are not the only users of some of these trails, for example the reroute on Overnight that cut out the lower skid road, the lower skid road was blocked off we should unblock this so that other users can access it. Or this could result in moto traffic on the new reroute. – Ed

–          Hugh’s Trail Update; Rock to be added to the new gravel trail entrance near train bridge – signage at end of trail (horse/walk/bike specific areas)

–          Public Access on Ivy Lake – residents talk to SLRD if there are problems accessing the public right of way


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