June 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Agenda Items – PVTA Meeting June 10, 2015

Present: Karen, Hugh, Chris, Adrian, Pete, Billy, Ian, Em, Brenda

–          Mackenzie Parking lot area (IK)

  • Parking lot is actually in ALR lands now so the Village will be moving the parking lot back to old location, at the cost to the village
  • Ask the village in short term for same square footage, long term need to identify who we need to deal with going forward then in the fall come up with what we would like to see there…
  • No camping sign – done

–          Barn Burner Event

  • Aidrian & Seb Wild. walked out the route, Seb Kemp cut it out.  They will provide us with a donation of ~$250 based on beer garden funds.
  • Post on Social Media, also they are looking for Volunteers the day of

–          Spud Run – July 1st, provides funds to PVTA.  Asking for volunteers for race day, Hugh to send Em details to put on FB

  • Brushing along the valley loop/riverside trail.  Need SLRD to complete the brushing

–          Mt Currie Trail update (CA)

  • At the final end of the project,
  • Have ~$9075 in reserve for the rest of the trail… allocated is ~$5000 for the final stages into the alpine.  A contractor will be in charge of the final build
  • Adrian + 1 other would be up there for 8 days $250/pp plan would be for 2 different trail days 4/5, 10/11 of July
  • Danny has also put a bid in for completing the trail with a crew of 5 ppl at $7.50/metre, all inclusive.
  • ~1km of actual trail building to get up into a view point in the alpine.
  • Need to get it in writing in that the bridge will be kept at the bottom over the river.  IK to contact forestry to confirm.
  • Still need to get a map & signage ~$1000
  • $2500 still coming from MEC at the completion of the project
  • Adrian to send a proposal to Ian & Chris and Chris to talk to Danny about the details of his bid.
  • Potential to send Seb Kemp up to clear the final bit of blow down on the trail
  • Monday is suggested to hike Mt. Currie with contractors & Chris (& whomever else) to check out route

–          Owl Creek/Skelula Bridge update (IK)

  • 2 bids: Joyride bike parks & Danny
  • Work to be done, remove rock & dirt, add decking and add handrails
  • 5:4 vote in favour of Danny to build bridge

–          Tour de Soo for horses/hikers update (BW)

  • Looking for creek crossing to find out where the best possible spot is and also who owns the land at the location.
  • Determine a route & loop that doesn’t conflict, bring route details to next meeting and then determine if we need to ‘create new trail’ or just clear up existing

–          Discuss new trail off Bob’s trail to top of signal hill (BW)

  • Potential in area for a horse trail up lumpy’s exit, get funding from Horse Council, GPS the potential route(walk it out), go through the motions to get a section 57.

–          Trail maps to retailers – how much do they buy them for, $5.50, confirmed.  PV Supermarket and potentially Petro Can.  Email Pete with request and he will   (BW)

–          Waterfall trail update (IK)

  • Seb & Zander have been working on upgrades to waterfall trail, idea is to park in town and walk up past SLRD
  • Billy has gotten signs ordered for trails and hazards

–          Discussion of Mosquito/Mackenzie up track route

  • Potential for multi user up route
  • Topic tabled until Corrine is back

–          Community requests for S.57 assistance

  • PVTA to help with community groups who are looking to find out how to get a Section 57
  • Apply for Indy and & BSF to be S57’d so find route for exit that won’t conflict with railway (Billy & Adrian)

–          Trail crossing signage where Shama crosses Hawaii, high speed Impact area

  • Signs made, will put them up

–          Update on Fundraiser, how much was raised (PC

  • $6025 in bank, only a couple outstanding items
  • Scotiabank donation  $5000  (KL)

–          Start thinking about next year projects/fall projects, what do we want to start planning for

  • Tabled till next meeting

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