September 16, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Agenda Items – Meeting Minutes September 16, 2015

Present – Corrine, Ian, Ed, Jeff, Allison, Hugh, Emily, Pete

– Update from BCHBC (Corrine)

  • Tour de Soo Project;  looking to fix up a few sections with brushing, moving rocks. Spoke with Danny Schranz with quote of $500-$1000 to do some work.  PVTA asked for a description of the work to be done and the sections to be flagged out.
  • Signal Hill Project;  map of potential route shared, need to walk out and GPS the route, work on getting a permit for a section 57 through BCHBC then will apply for funding from PVTA to created trail

– Blowdown on trails:  Stimulus, Nimby, Freak Boy, Valley Loop… anymore found let Ian know

– Trail merge sign for Hawaii/Shama crossing, ask Bill to get sign done

– Update trail map on website; contact Brigit for a new trail map to add to the site (Emily)

– Lumpy’s Trifecta October 4th

  • Adrian in charge of event.  Will need volunteers for marshals, etc. to put a call out on Social Media and Newsletter

– Lilwat Trail Day October 4th

  • Patrick Lucas organizing a Lillwat nation trail day.  PVTA is looking to support and help find a machine for the day (Ian)

– PVTA Fall Trail Day October 3rd

  • Board members to send project ideas to Ian
  • PVTA still has Section 57 for Upper BackPains, possibility to work on new section during trail day

– Mosquito Uptrack; route for horses, hikers and bikers to access Mosquito lake side.  Need a GPS track of potential route to send to Lilwat capital assets for consideration.

– Trail Maps

  • Approximately 1000 left
  • Plan for new trail maps in 2017, look at options in Spring

– Contact for the PVTA at the Pique to be switched from Hugh to Allison

– Festival Grant Proposal options for 2015

  • Not prepared for this year(October 15th deadline) and as it’s a one time grant PVTA will plan to get a proposal together for 2016.
  • 2015 proposals from Karen for a dock at Mosquito Lake  – PVTA not prepared to take on risk and liability of docks/site maintenance.
– Any potential Trail Projects send details to Ian for both Trail Day and for Seb Kemp (trail maintenance).


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