October 15th, 2015 – Meeting Minutes

Attendes: Jeff, Ian, Johnny, Ed, Brenda, Pete, Evelyn, Ray, Brooke, Davis, Jon, Karen

Started – 7:05pm

– Minutes accepted from the September meeting – Karen & Johnny


7:08 – New projects.

Jeff Westlake presented a future proposed trail on Crown land for a section 57. This would be a continuation from Fat Tug, connector trail onward into the Benchlands, ending out onto logging road for loop. Application is to be by started with SLRD, it would become a great community access, win win for all user groups.


Davis English – presented a new connector trail he proposes to build off Breakaway trail. He has flagged and GPS it, was looking for board approval to go ahead – All board was in favour


Jon Johnston- wants to apply for a section 56 on Jack the Ripper trail and establish a new legal exit to create a big loop from valley up and over. It would become and exceptional trail for many international and local riders. He has an engineer friend who will help design the 6 meter bridge that is needed to cross by Owl Creek. All board was in favour of him going ahead.


PWA – Asked for $2,500 from PVTA to help do upgrades, brushing and drainage at Branch 12 off the Hurley. All board approval the funding for the PWA to go ahead, it would benefit all user groups


Treasurer looked at how much money was left for Seb Kemp to finish his weekly work and drainage on trails – approx. – $3,398 – $4,000. ($800 left over from Spring projects, 120 hours)


Ed – Proposed a new redirect to upper Bob Gnarly entrance past where drainage had washed out trail. They would like to put in 1 bridge and get rid of ditch. 1 week work for Adam & Seb. To check back through email on financial background.


Overview of the past month -Trail Day, 30 people helped to reroute Lumpy’s climb, Fat Tug, Murse Maid and swamp bridge.

Made a new jump line for Mount Currie kids, this will become a great new asset for all age kids.

Tour de Soo horse route – Danni Schranz did some new work on the entry, but maybe to steep for horses. Brenda will check this week.


New Swamp Bridge – LeeAnne to rebuild a portion of the log plank trail that shifted in flood and bridge over the creek. Discussion about timing and budget or reuse existing – Board approval to go ahead starting October 26, 4-1. Next year PVTA to budget for the last section to be finished.


BCHBC – Brenda gave update about 30 new members to the horse trail organization and what they have been up to. Working on ideas for section 57 trails.


Meeting closed 8:25pm

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