November 12, 2015 – Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Corinne, Brenda, Hu, Laura, Ian, Ed, Pete, Jennie, Deb

Meeting began at 7:05pm

-Minutes from the September meeting were presented and accepted

-Pete presented the treasurer’s report

Project updates

-Brenda reported on Tour Du Soo equestrian trail progress.  Section 57 application has been submitted, contact established with the Lilwat Nation, dyke access clarified, route flagged, and potential trail builders contacted.

-Ed explained recent work on Bob Gnarly.  Drainage is improved and the trail was reworked to improve sustainability and rider experience.

-Ian discussed Mosquito Lake uptrack and the potential to improve the Crosstown traffic exit.  Both projects are on land owned by Lilwat Capital Assets, the PVTA is in discussion with the land owner.  Potential route for the uptrack is being investigated by the Association’s trail manager.

-Waterfall trail signage is in place.  Board agreed to review the signage and improve as necessary.

-Darren and Craig are approximately half way to completion of Piece of Cake, a green trail that will connect into the existing flow trail at One Mile Lake.  The project is utilizing entirely volunteer labor.

-Allison has attempted to contact the owners of the bridge connecting Lumpy’s to the Peaks/Pioneer Junction.  At this time she has not received a return response.

-Directors reviewed completed work on Branch 12.  The PWA, PVTA, and Rec Sites and trails contributed to brushing out the road from the Hurley turnoff to the parking lot.  Pictures received from the PWA show remarkable improvement.

-Lee Anne Patterson has completed close to two thirds of the wetlands bridge project.  At present the project is over budget as a result of the crew reclaiming the existing stringers and decking at the request of the PVTA directors.  Directors will discuss increasing the budget for the project.  The next phase will require river rock to fill gabion cages.  The contractor is attempting to source donated material.


Hu brought forward a motion to build a hiking trail from Pioneer to Murse Made.  He will report back after exploring the zone further in the spring.

-Public have noted an increase in motorized use of trails in the Mackenzie basin and Mosquito Lake area.  Pete to contact Bill about getting some “No motos” signage.

-Directors and attendees identified keystone trails to submit to Rec Sites and Trails.  The trails will be put forth for establishment under Section 56 of the Forest Practices Act.  Trails to be put forth include: Mackenzie uptrack to Owl Creek, JTR, Jim Jam, Fat Tug, and Lumpy’s.

-Projects and budgeting for 2016 were briefly discussed.  Emphasis placed upon retaining the trail manager position and improving signage within and to the trail network.  Directors to hold a budget meeting on December 3rd.

-Jennie suggested that the PVTA encourage the Village of Pemberton to establish a trail plan for hillside development.  This is in response to upcoming bylaw amendments to the “Hillside 580” parcel.  The board discussed privately and supports a trail plan that considers all developments within the hillside zone.

-Land owners adjacent to Naylor Way and the railroad bridge expressed concern about recent incidents with off leash dogs.  The board expressed trail users’ gratitude for their current support of access and will work with the owners to improve signage in the area.

Meeting closed at 8:25 pm.

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