December 2015 – Meeting Minutes

Attending: Ian Kruger, Hu Naylor, Adrian Bostock, Ed Witwicki, Bill Stiles, Corinne Stoltz-Arava, Brenda Williams, Lisa Pedrini, Dawn Johnson, Ione Smith

-Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM

-Presentation to group by Village of Pemberton and Stewardship Pemberton staff requesting input for the Pemberton Parks Agricultural Master Plan.  Group members passed a motion of support for increased connectivity via trails throughout the plots in consideration.

-Corinne reported that she has provisionally flagged a horse trail route up Signal Hill and has approached the Lilwat Nation with her proposal.  A number of culturally modified trees exist in the zone, Corinne plans to work with the Lilwat Nation to avoid these sites.  As yet, no formal route has been identified and no S.57 application has been made.  Other members stressed the importance of mitigating potential user conflicts and the need to avoid two way traffic at some locations on the proposed up track.

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