Meeting Minutes January 2016

In attendance: Hu Naylor, Brenda Williams, Ed Witwicki, Pete Colapinto, Ian Kruger, Bill Stiles

-Meeting called to order at 7:05pm

-December 2015 minutes reviewed and approved

-Update on Tour du Soo horse loop: Brenda to contact Village of Pemberton planner to discuss trail

-Mosquito Lake uptrack: Flagged route has been approved by Lilwat Nation cultural committee and Lilwat Capital Assets.  Directors will investigate possible funding sources.

-MEC Dirt Search contest:  The PVTA has been invited to participate in the MEC Dirt Search contest.  Contest will open on February 23rd, if PVTA achieves most votes MEC will award $10000 toward construction of Mosquito Lake uptrack.

-Tiyata development comment: The Village requested the PVTA’s comment on development of Tiyata behind Signal Hill Elementary.  Directors agreed that maintaining public access to the Pemberton Creek dyke and providing for trail connectivity within the development was a priority.

-Valley trails update:  The Naylors have contacted the property owner at the corner of of Clover and Fraser Road about utilizing the existing right of way for river access.  The property owner is willing to work with trail users to open up this right of way.  The Naylors have also been actively seeking clarification of how the Fulton Lands will be utilized.

-Mosquito Lake: As the PVTA’s agreement with the Ministry of Forests has expired, it was decided to remove signage from Mosquito Lake indicating the PVTA is the managing partner.  Discussion of removing the garbage cans, Hu indicated he will continue to remove garbage for now.

-Brief discussion of directors wishing to continue and how to proceed with the AGM.  Emphasis placed upon a need to manage governance to represent the PVTA as a broad-based trails group.

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