Blackcomb Helicopter Applies for Expanded Tenure for Heli-Biking (Public Comments extended until July 26)

Blackcomb Helicopter is looking to expand their summer heli-biking operations in the Pemberton Area. There is a public comment period open until July 26, 2018.

Identifier is Lands file#: 2411936

READ: the short application:

Have your say: Near the bottom of the page under ‘End Decisions’ you will see “To Comment on this application please click [ here ].”  

 Mail in Option: Senior Land Officer/FLNRORD, #200 – 10428 153rd St., Surrey BC V3R 1E1

Or email to same:

CC comments to: Nicola Bickerton, FLNRORD

                                        Jordan Sturdy, MLA –              


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